Dog Walks:

There are many benefits to walking your dog. Walking exercises the body, mind and releases physical and mental energy. Without proper exercise and socialization, dogs can begin to display behavioural issues such as: needless barking, destructive behaviour and separation anxiety.

·       I will pick your dog up from your home

·       Walk and play with them

·       Bring them home safe and sound with a treat in their mouth (owner to provide treats)

·       Walks take place in rain, shine and snow (Unless specified otherwise by you). Need be, I'll wipe your dog’s paws clean before letting them in the house

·       Every walk includes fresh water, treats and lots of belly rubs!

Dog Walks:

*Monday to Friday*

30-minute walks - $20


*Saturday to Sunday*

30-minute walks - $25


($7 extra for additional dogs)

*prices may vary based on location and/or drop off & pick up*

Dog Boarding:

Overnight $50/per day

Daily $40/per day

($10 extra for additional dogs)

*prices may vary based on location and/or drop off & pick up*

Cat Visits:

Monday - Friday

$20/per day

Saturday - Sunday

$25/per day

*prices may vary based on location and/or drop off & pick up*

Puppy Walks:

A young pup can suffer from two things—separation anxiety and a small bladder. Additionally, they require more attention and typically follow a less forgiving schedule. 

- I come to your house for 30 minutes, morning or afternoon.

- I let your puppy out to relieve them self

- I play with your puppy, feed them and refresh their water

- I exercise, discipline and love your pets

- At the end of my visit, I put your puppy safely back in his/her cage


- Servicing Vaughan and Woodbridge, Ontario 

- If our packages don't suit your needs, K9-5 is happy to customize a package just for you

- K9-5 offers drop off/pick-up services from groomers and vets

- HST is not included in prices listed above

- $10 extra for weekend and statutory holidays

- $10 extra for evenings (6pm-11pm)

- $10 cancellation charge if 24hr notice is not given

- All rates listed are subject to change


- Must be spayed/neutered if apart of group walk

- Must have up to date vaccinations (DHPP, Rabies and Bordetella)

- Must be on a flea prevention programme for the spring/ summer months

- Owner to supply a 6 foot non-retractable leash

- Must have name tag and phone number on collar

- Must have car and park manners

- Must be social with other dogs (private walks are required for aggressive dogs)

- Must not be toy or food possessive

- Appointments may be cancelled if weather is severe 

- If the weather is below 14 degrees, dogs will be let outside for a 5 minute intervals and will have play time indoors.